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Family Therapy

Helping you develop healthy and nurturing family relationships

All families are unique: blended families, step families, parenting apart, parenting together are now all typical family units. Families can be a source of support, comfort and love. But they can also be the cause of stress, anxiety and friction, meaning one or more family members can feel isolated and abandoned. Relationships can seem stuck and full of conflict, with daily arguments and a severe lack of communication.

Why would we need Family Therapy?

Your family may be going through a divorce or separation and you’re worried about the impacts of such an upheaval and the potential adjustment to a brand-new family dynamic. Or your family might be struggling to come to terms with a bereavement or the serious health issues of a family member. Or the stresses and strains of daily life are just taking their toll on your relationships, making it hard to maintain a happy and settled home life.

Or perhaps you are worried about a young family member and haven’t been able to get them to tell you about what’s bothering them?

Our Family Counselling service provides a safe and secure space to discuss these and any other family issues, harnessing your collective strengths and resilience to help you listen to one another and work towards more supportive and loving relationships.

How does Family Counselling work?

We like to involve the whole family in the process. We usually see the whole family together, supported by two different counsellors. This way we can encourage everyone to have their say and to share their feelings without arguments or blame.

When families go through change, it can be difficult to learn to adapt, which is where counselling can help. Counselling is a different experience for everyone, and what happens in your sessions will depend very much on what you hope to get out of it, and on the unique needs of your family. But you can expect Way In Family Counselling to help you to build stronger relationships between every member of the family and help you to work together as a team.

Our support is confidential and non-judgemental, our only objective is to bring you back together as a strong family unit once again, whatever the cause of the original conflict.

Ready to take the first step? Then contact us now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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